Laser Dentistry in New York, NY

Laser Dentistry in New York, NY

Dental lasers emit highly focused beams of light that can treat multiple dental conditions and perform dental procedures with enhanced precision and efficiency. Lasers can be used in general dentistry and specialty practices such as periodontics and oral surgery. At Smile Cafe, they can also be used to perform cosmetic procedures like gum lifts and teeth whitening. Lasers can be safe and effective when used by a highly skilled dentist. Although laser treatments are becoming more common, not all dentists offer this service. Talk to your dentist to find out if they provide laser treatments.   

Lasers treat various conditions, including gum disease, oral cancer, tooth sensitivity, sore mouth, and cold sores. Many dentists provide laser treatments for periodontal disease because it is noninvasive and promotes patient healing.   

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry  

  • Shorter treatment times   

  • Reduced bleeding and swelling   

  • Better precision of treatments   

  • No need for anesthesia or numbing medications   

  • A more hygienic procedure with fewer risks of infection   

  • Ability to treat soft tissues in the mouth without causing damage   

  • Ability to kill bacteria in the periodontal pockets   

  • The ability to remove tooth decay comfortably and quickly without the need for drills and needles   

  • Heal gums quickly and adequately after a gum disease treatment   

  • Eliminate the need to use traditional metal braces in many cases   

  • Comfortably treat sleep apnea and other sleep disorders   

  • Can instantly reshape gum tissues and prep the mouth for dentures   

  • Reduce the need for invasive oral surgeries for things like root canals   

  • Improve candidacy for dental implants   

  • Safe and effective for treating children and those with special needs   

Some Standard Laser Dentistry Procedures  

Dental Fillings  

Lasers can remove decayed tooth material and prepare the tooth for a dental filling. The laser helps to precisely remove the decayed portion while preserving more of the healthy tooth structure. Some lasers can also be used to harden or cure dental fillings.   

Gum Disease Treatment  

Laser-assisted periodontal therapy can treat gum disease. The laser selectively removes infected gum tissue and promotes gum reattachment to the tooth, reducing the depth of periodontal pockets and eliminating bacteria. Laser treatment can also stimulate the regeneration of healthy gum tissue.   


Lasers can be used to perform oral tissue biopsies. The laser removes a small tissue sample for examination and diagnosis, often eliminating the need for traditional surgical techniques. Laser biopsies are typically less invasive and result in minimal bleeding and discomfort.   

Teeth Whitening  

Laser-assisted teeth whitening procedures can enhance the brightness of teeth. The laser activates a whitening agent applied to the teeth, accelerating the whitening process and achieving faster results than traditional whitening methods.   

If you're interested in laser dentistry for a specific treatment, visit Smile Cafe at 45 Park Ave, Professional Unit 1, New York, NY 10016, or call (212) 779-3494 to consult our qualified dentist, who can evaluate your dental needs and determine if laser technology suits your case.   





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