“It’s Easy to Get the Right Price on the Wrong Investment But Why Would You Want To”?!

In June 2009, Align Technology (Makers of Invisalign) in an effort to protect patients from less experienced, undertrained doctors; denied doctors without proper training, and clinical experience the privilege of being Invisalign Providers.

Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of clear aligners designed by doctors who use a 3D modeling software called Clincheck.

While orthodontic braces have been out there for hundreds of years, Invisalign has only been available for the past 12 years. Therefore, most doctors do not have as much experience using this system to insure prefect results each and every time because they are more comfortable and spend most of their time with traditional orthodontics or general dentistry! At the same time, large numbers of inexperienced doctors compete with each other with lower fees but tend to fail or prolong many cases having to switch to braces or give up on Invisalign treatment. 

Incredibly, one doctor who is recognized as the Leading Invisalign Expert has dedicated his entire time treating the most difficult Invisalign cases in US with very reasonable fees. Dr. Daniel Noor who has coined the term “Invisalign beyond limits” has been recognized as the super elite provider by Align Technology amongst top 1% of doctors. He has innovated several tools and techniques using combination of science, 3D imaging, physics and clinical skills to treat cases which had been rejected by many other offices! Dr. Daniel Noor has proudly served many actors, actresses, medical professionals and Wall Street business leaders discretely. He has treated over 1400 difficult cases including patients who travel from other states and countries. Not only can he straighten teeth but he has also improved long term health of the patients by correcting their bite using Invisalign system alone! With the advent of Invisalign express, Dr. Noor treats minor orthodontic issues in less than 5 months. He can also treat many complex Invisalign cases in LESS time that it takes to do braces! Most of his patients admit, even their family members do not know they are wearing Invisalign due to Dr. Noor’s unique design and innovation to completely hide attachments by innovation of uniquely designed lingual attachments! For more information on how Dr. Noor and Invisalign have improved many smiles or any other questions, fill out the contact us form below and we will be happy to assist you in achieving a healthy beautiful smile. You may also email us at for more info and any other details.

Why Do People Prefer Invisalign 

There are a few key reasons why dental patients specifically ask for Invisalign over metal or ceramic braces. Explore whether these reasons apply to your unique case:

  • They are working professionals who are required to speak often at business meetings and conferences (the trays can be removed at will)
  • They want to be able to enjoy their favorite foods that aren’t easy to eat when wearing permanent braces (like corn on the cob)
  • They don’t want to experience the discomfort that is common in the early stages of wearing metal braces
  • The treatment period for Invisalign is usually shorter compared to traditional braces

“Story of Top Invisalign Doctor”!

You are now in search of the best doctor to treat your Invisalign orthodontic needs. Not only you want the best doctor to treat you but you want to insure you get the best deal and the best results in the shortest amount of time with the least number of visits! You also want to go to a top office and be treated like a valued guest! You want to make friends with your treating doctor and feel very comfortable since day one. You want flexible hours after work…If this is true, then the facts below will open your eyes to many things you would have never known even if you searched the entire Internet because what Invisalign Smile Café has discovered has not yet been made public!

When Dr. Daniel Noor took the Invisalign course in 2001, he was ridiculed by his former boss and some others who said, “So you think this non-sense plastic is going to work? Force the teeth to become straight?” Well, in only five years, he has treated over 1400 Invisalign cases, allowing Invisalign Smile Cafe to become the leading provider of Invisalign orthodontics in terms of how fast their practice is growing, but more importantly in terms of the difficulty of some of their cosmetic cases. There is not a case that Dr. Noor has rejected for the past 3 years and they never had to switch to braces for anyone! In order to insure high quality, they only start 5-7 Invisalign cases per week as they finish 5-7 other Invisalign cases. Dr. Noor only treats Invisalign cases all day long while his partners treat all kinds of dental issues from a simple filling to cosmetic gum treatment to crowns/veneers, implants and much more. All doctors work side by side to provide such high quality care while reducing the time and money needed to achieve extraordinary smiles. This is the reason Dr. Noor has had the time to dedicate his life to treating extremely difficult Invisalign cases. He spends countless hours even during weekends to first program each patient’s case on the computer before starting each Invisalign case. This will insure perfect results and high patient satisfaction. All his patients are so grateful for such great results they achieved; they are willing to in-person testimonials as well as video and written testimonials. Anyone is welcomed to walk into their office anytime and meet other happy patients chatting at the beautifully designed reception and bar area and get a free non-alcoholic drink as well! Dr. Noor would try to make time to say a quick hello and give you a quick consult. Dr. Noor believes this is a great way to get unbiased testimonial if you randomly walk into their office any time you wish and talk to any patient you choose.

Despite how busy and in-demand Dr. Noor is, and despite the difficulty of cases he is treating, Smile Café has finished every one of their orthodontic cases successfully using their own Invisalign system. This is a hard fact to believe!

Dr. Noor used to get constant warnings from various top sources, other dentists and some representatives that his patient’s orthodontic cases will NOT work and they are sure to fail because Invisalign is not supposed to treat such difficult cases. But Dr. Noor proved them to be wrong.

So, what is his trick and why does Smile Cafe seem to be the only office in the nation that can treat such difficult orthodontic cases? Dr. Noor says his trick is YOU; you the demanding patient! You asked and asked, and begged and pleaded, asking Dr. Noor this: “Please Dr. Noor, I have been rejected by five other offices but I am an actress, CEO, model, etc.…and I cannot possibly walk around with metal braces on my teeth!” So Dr. Noor agreed to take over treatment and devise a unique invention for each case to make it work. Dr. Noor spends his entire days treating Invisalign patients only because he believes this is the only way to be at the forefront of such a new and great technology.

Another secret Dr. Noor has is that he couldn’t say NO to anyone! As long as he feels certain procedures are clinically safe, he will agree to the challenge without additional cost. No matter how difficult the orthodontic case is, no matter how many troubles he came across during the course of the treatment, no matter how many extra visits it took, he sat and figured out a way to treat the patient while most other doctors would simply switch the patient into braces or reject the patient since day one!

While most Invisalign doctors place attachments in front of the teeth, and have the patient visit the office every two weeks, Dr. Noor has recently discovered ways to treat Invisalign cases with only lingual attachments behind the teeth and in most cases cut the visits to once every two months treating many models, actors, actresses from different states and countries since they cannot come to the office often! His office, Invisalign Smile Café also guarantees the best fees since due to several factors they are able to keep the costs down. Dr. Noor and his office believe everyone deserves a great smile and they want to give back to their community. They have helped many families who are financially strained and have devised special programs for students and single parents, etc. to insure they are socially responsible while successful.

Dr. Noor says some nights he could not even fall asleep until he figured out a way to overcome a challenge he had faced that day! As crazy as it may seem, he came up with few tricks and techniques either when he was half sleep or totally in his dreams! Then he could not wait to run to the office and try it and see what works best. Over 12,000 photos and radiographs and numerous Patient Testimonials are the proofs that most of these techniques have worked.

Today, after overcoming such challenges and knowing what works best for his patients, Dr. Noor has come up with his own complete system and set of tools, techniques, materials, articles and treatment plans to treat each case to perfection. A perfection that gives each patient not only a beautiful natural smile that they can be proud of, but also a functioning, lasting smile with a perfect bite to avoid TMD and many other jaw, bone, muscle, and masticatory problems.

The success is a result of proper assessment and combination of science, art, clinical experience and variations in numerous cases that Dr. Noor has treated at Invisalign Smile Cafe. Nonetheless, he truly appreciates and acknowledges each and every one of his patients for their full cooperation and trust. Dr. Noor states such amazing results are 99% patient cooperation and 1% due to his work.

Dr. Daniel Noor whose office is at 45 Park Ave in New York City has been working alongside a team of highly talented specialists under one roof. The street level office is designed like a bar and café to insure maximum patient comfort.

Dr. Noor’s passion is now creating dazzling smiles using Invisalign, lasers, natural-looking veneers, full mouth reconstruction techniques, and his personal clinical experience. Invisalign has helped his patients undergo much more conservative treatments with much greater results, saving them time and money. Lasers have given Smile Cafe that extra edge and are used in so many treatments; we cannot even begin to list them here. Veneers have transformed his patients into smiling beauties in just two office visits. But most importantly, a great team of doctors and staff members have backed Dr. Noor in every step of the way to achieve such success at a young age to the point that Dr. Noor is now training orthodontists and dentists who have been in practice longer than he has.

Other doctors at Smile Cafe are providing no shots laser dentistry, single visit CEREC crowns using infrared technology, and all phases of dentistry. They have been rated among the less than 2% of American dentists to utilize such amazing technology. Over 150 video testimonials of Dr. Noor’s patients can be found on YouTube using the search word: Invisalign –He can be reached at or you may call him at (212) 779-3494

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