"Excellent dentists and staff. Very professional"

"I had an awesome experience. This was my first dental check up in America. I’m very glad that I came here. Astrid, Astrid, Astrid!!! She is phenomenal. She was so warm, so helpful and she definitely elevated my experience. Dr Noor was delightful as well. Everyone who attended to me from the X-rays to the cleaning did a great Job and engaged me in conversations to help me feel at ease. Bed side manner and hygiene was great as well. I received detailed explanation and attention to my problems. I was still on the chair when I started texting my friends to visit the clinic, that’s how good my experience was. 100/100. I recommend. Also my teeth is squeaky clean now, just how I like it.😁😁😁"

"I’m a first time patient 🙋🏻‍♀️ I have two opposites experience, let’s begin with the best one, Norys and Francisco took care of me and I don't hype when I say they’re two of the kindest people ever! They were super nice, cute, explained everything with so much patience and they even stayed overtime only to complete my treatment, they made everything very cozy, when I say they’re great I really mean it!! On the other side, Astrid (apparently the office manager), needs to work on her abilities to deal with stressful situations, I was about to get a whitening and she took me out of the chair because there was “a patient before me”, that’s not the way to solve a situation like this, besides she made me feel guilty all the time and that she was trying to “help me” when they made a mistake with my reservation! Anyway, I'll keep the good experience with Norys and Francisco, they were great and made everything worthy!"

"My experience at smile cafe had been great, staff is very kind, and they take very good care of their patients, they make you feel part of the family, and that’s all apart of the good dental job they’ve done so far! I highly recommend them."

"Smile cafe is a great spot for all your dental needs. I got my teeth cleaned and my teeth feel amazing from Dr. Joe Kim. He also handled a small cavity. I’d highly recommend him. He was extremely patient and took time to explain as well as make sure I was comfortable. The total procedure was also quick and painless. I was in and out and feel great."

"My experience was not only last minute booked and accommodated but it was honestly the best experience and service across many platforms. I’ll explain.. customer service anywhere today is horrid and you feel like you’re an annoyance but from the confirmation to the first step in up until the last step out was welcoming, informative, friendly and comforting. The establishment is clean and trendy-good atmosphere and ambience! The staff from the front to the doctors are extremely personable, kind and warm. It’s been ages since I’ve been to the dentist and I NEED WORK done so I was extremely nervous and fairly embarrassed and I expected judgement or at least some lack of care to my feelings but it was the total opposite. I’m rambling at this point but that’s how amazing my experience was.. I normally don’t even write reviews just to not throw a place under the bus so I felt it was only right to share the good experience and my absolute recommendation to anyone else giving it a look especially if you are nervous.. don’t hesitate. Thank you all for making me feel comfort and at ease with the procedure I need to get done."

"Great place full of friendly and professional staff that are prompt, attentive, and truly caring. Never had a better dental experience in New York in the five years I’ve lived here"


"Very mordern dentstry and very good dentist and specialist."


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