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A) Keeping you Safe At the Office:
(Safeguards against virus & infection)

During Shut downs due to pandemic, our doctors & team took extensive training via Live Webinars, research and self-study to learn more about Covid-19, and how to protect you and the entire team based on recommendation of CDC, ADA, OSHA, FDA and some of the top minds in infectious control. We have been here treating emergency patients, but we are getting ready to work full time while seeing less patients per hour for now following NY State re-opening plans & social distancing)

After a careful collaboration and research to ensure quality, we have invested significant amount in several new equipment, technology, PPE which when used with proper protocols, this will keep you and our team safe. *In fact, some believe a dental office equipped with these is a safer place than some other places since various overlapping steps & technology is preventing or killing the virus at various levels! Below is just a list of few:

1) We have purchased few of the best FDA air purifiers from Molekule. These units continuously clean office air from any viruses and destroy the virus, bacteria, etc! In fact, they also recommend smaller versions for home usage.

2) One of the most effective disinfectants against viruses yet safest for humans is HOCL. With our onsite HOCL Generator and easy application via spray or fog into air, we can easily reach into smallest hidden areas & disinfect the room & all surfaces between each patient. This is non-toxic yet about 100 times more effective than bleach! Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water is a powerful oxidant (800 to 1000 mV) that can kill microbial pathogens immediately upon contact by damaging cell walls or inactivate the pathogen by entering and disrupting proteins, lipids, and DNA. Here is how HOCL Works: (Read it, You would be amazed as you can use it at home as well!)

3) One notable fact is that regardless of Covid-19, we have always used Standard
Precautions as well as others following CDC & OSHA guidelines. This is great
since we did not have to learn anything new in this area in order to protect

4) We further follow new CDC guidelines for dental office

5) FDA guidelines:

6) All patients and staff are screened and temperature is taken using touch-less

7) We provide patients with a safe intra-oral antiseptic rinse before beginning a
procedure, isolate the area and also use antiseptics brushed on as needed again
during the procedure.

8) There are various systems for Oral Suctions and clean isolation such as Isolite System and Rubber Dam, etc which safeguard both the patient and the practitioner & remove splatter, etc inside oral cavity.

9) Clinical staff go through screening each day & will have a full PPE to protect the patients during treatment. We also ask patients pre-visit screening questions and postpone any treatment if there is any suspicion, sign or symptoms of infection.

10) We have upgraded all our software systems and technology to increase efficiency. For time being, we prefer to keep office time to ONLY perform clinical procedures. All administrative tasks, paperwork, payments, insurance verification, payment plans, consents, forms, discussions, etc will be completed virtually by our admin team who work remotely. This way you minimize your contact points. Also, you only deal with clinical staff who have full PPE. We ask you to please help us complete forms, etc ahead of the appointment and respond to remote staff calls, text, email before your appointment.

11) Also, we ask you to please ask any clinical or non-clinical questions you may have virtually before the appointment or after your appointment. Both admin team and doctors can be reached via emails, calls, virtual video visits and online chats, two way texts with the new upgrades in the next couple of weeks. We are opening all forms of communications to help you limit your time at the office. Why? Because our team is giving extra time between each patient in order to superdisinfect each room and all areas, materials, disposables, etc. We do everything to run on time but sometimes we ask for your patience if we need more time to disinfect any room using UV, HOCL Foggers, etc.

12) Less time at the office is good for everyone and helps adhere to social distancing. Please ensure you have filled out all forms online prior to the visit but the Covid-19 screening the evening before the appointment all done electronically. Thankfully, we have a large waiting room so its easy to stay 6 feet apart but ideally, we want you to come in exactly at your scheduled time unless we call or text you to come in earlier once your treatment room is fully disinfected. It is also critical to be on time since we cannot run into the next patient’s time causing delays and people running into each other. You should be wearing a mask and washing your hands upon arrival, we use a touch-less thermometer to take your temperature and ask about medical history and should be ready to go.

13) Again, if you have questions for your doctor, try to ask these before and after the appointment via calls, emails, virtual visits, etc. You have options to book virtual or non-virtual visits on our site at (We are also upgrading our website to add all forms of communications buttons and to make it really interactive & useful for you. There will also be a search box and a button to check out fair procedure fees for this area or your zip code. We prefer transparency in fees, etc.

14) In many cases, your doctor needs to go over the findings, conditions and treatment plan options with you: Our plan is to perform this ideally virtually at a convenient time for both. Once this step is done, the treatment coordinator will then go over insurance and payment plan options and would call and email you.

B) Affordable Repeatable At Home Whitening System:

Many patients are concerned about finances during this pandemic. Some prefer to reduce travel time and reduce number of visits to the office. Therefore, we were able to secure 33% off whitening for our patients: In order to help you, we have worked with Glo Whitening so that you can achieve a whiter, healthier smile while you are at home. The light system is reusable and there are many great reviews. Follow instructions below to have one shipped directly to your home at 33% lower fee:

1- Click on the link below. Choose from whitening options. We recommend GLO SCIENCE PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH TAKE HOME TEETH WHITENING DEVICE KIT

While this is more costly, we feel it's a far better value, reusable and similar to inoffice whitening.

2- Add to shopping cart, click the checkout button and once you enter your info and finally go onto the next page before entering your credit card info, enter Your own unique 33% OFF patient discount code: DP95Q6 (Remove any other codes as this code will give you the highest amount of discount) - By the way, you may use your code to purchase few items for your friends and family as well as it applies 33% to anything in the shopping cart.

3- Here is where to begin and also find all instructions, videos, etc: Click on the
next link and use your promo code DP95Q6 :

Enjoy Daniel, ... and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

C) Financial help making treatment affordable

We have partnered up with Lending Point to help you afford treatment with the lowest possible monthly budget as low as $65 per month! There is No hard credit check and many with low scores get approved. To see all your options and/or apply, you may go to the link below and enter any loan amount. This is just the highest amount of credit you are requesting to be approved for and does not mean you have to spend it all nor is there a fee unless you later use it at any healthcare office.

Click on the Apply button on the link below and in the Search Box, for office
name, enter Smile Café

Click here to apply

D) Virtual Visits - Telemedicine is here to stay!

To provide you with a better service and reduce your office visits and reduce time at the office, You are now able to book your virtual visits with Dr Noor and set up a time by emailing [email protected] – We will soon have a button on our site to book for such appointments for others as well. This way you can pick a time from the doctors’ available openings right from our site to help you automate this process. Emails, calls & Virtual visits will help answer all your questions previsit and post visit to save you time and save you a trip as well. We encourage you to use remote help as much as possible to reduce your trips and reduce visit time at the office.

E) Straight teeth for $999* (limited time)

*For patients who have minor spacing or rotation or minor crowding of teeth, they can use the New Invisalign Express 5 and further save. *Please note this express treatment only works for patients with minor issues: In general, to see what invisalign can do for you, use our innovative app here to see your before and after in just a few clicks: Simulate your Better Smile here within seconds!

Then book a virtual visit with our Invisalign Expert by emailing [email protected] to answer your questions and set a time that works for both of you.

*Treatment time is about 5 to 10 weeks and we can add 5 more sets of aligners if needed at $99 per each set (includes upper and lower) --- If your condition still requires more than Express 5 plus 5 additional aligner treatment, then you will be advised up front & will be offered 10% off fees based on the length of treatment. You may get an approval with Lending point mentioned in section C above & pay as little as $65 per month! This offer is valid for a limited time until Align stops offering it.

In terms of exact treatment time and cost, we can better answer any questions and show you the actual results if you have taken your scan and photos in the past otherwise you can also request online virtual consult with [email protected] and/or schedule 15 minutes of office visit to take the 3D scan (Same as old fashioned impressions and No radiation)

To see for yourself before you decide & finalize, we can create your 3D computer model. If you did not take scan in the past, simply book an appointment once NY state phase 2 opens back up for a quick 3D scan (no radiation and no fee for demo). With this, you get a complimentary 3D before and after digital model instantly also emailed to show you what you will look like before you decide for yourself. Click here to request a visit for a date and time which works for you.

We hope information here has given you some peace of mind both in terms of safety as well as saving you time and money. We continue to learn best practices to serve you better. We learn this from industry leaders both in clinical and administrative areas in order to serve all patients better. We also learn a lot from you so please feel free email me at [email protected] with your feedback and as a thank you I will give you credit towards future treatments. Be safe and please email me at [email protected] with some details so I can help you and/or make your future appointment for you. Stay well.

You may also make your own appointment now at

Kind regards,
Christy Kelleher & Team
[email protected]
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*Advice Disclaimer
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider via individualized exam, diagnosis and treatment plan with any questions about your medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking advice or treatment because of something you have read anywhere online or via email such as this one. This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read online.

*Due to the nature of current pandemic, no healthcare facility or any other facility can guarantee 100% protection for all. We can all only do our best to help each other.

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