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“Invisalign Secrets Revealed”

Copyright© 2013

See 2nd half of this page for a List of 15 Questions You Need to Ask Your Invisalign Provider, Before Starting Treatment.


Dear Invisalign Candidate,

If you have done some research online, viewed some blogs, or spoken to friends who had invisalign; you have noticed a good number of patients have been disappointed with their results, length of time, quality of service, and visible resin buttons/attachments in front of their teeth.  This may be true even for some patients who went to some well known invisalign providers.  There is honestly, truly, absolutely no need for such disappointment! Below we will explain why in detail…


We wrote this article because we feel the general public and even many of the new invisalign doctors do not have a full comprehension of many facts about invisalign.  Until today, the information below has not been revealed anywhere!  Although we are revealing some of the unique innovative secrets of Dr. Daniel Noor to many other invisalign providers for the first time, he has given us permission to publish some articles simply because he feels it’s not fair to both the patient and many doctors failing invisalign treatment when this technology allows for treatment of almost all orthodontic cases sometimes even faster than braces with similar payment plan as braces!  


As one of the top invisalign providers, Dr. Daniel Noor realizes he can not be everywhere treating everyone with his limited time … Therefore, he believes the best he can do is to educate patients anywhere in the country and provide training for doctors (currently at no cost)!  Dr. Daniel Noor was featured on American Health Front NBC TV show for his achievements especially in regards to invisalign treatment.  He is currently putting together many training videos and materials to help as many doctors and patients as he can.  For those who are interested, there is currently no charge for training new and existing invisalign doctors in order to help as many patients as possible.


What prompted this article’s urgency was due to fact just in the month of May 2012, five patients from other offices approached Dr. Daniel Noor with their sad stories of how they lost time, money and got zero to little results when they started invisalign at another office… One of these patients is getting married and there is little time to correct what has happened.  Another is a single mom, one is a student with no money, one is a CEO with little time and another is a model/actress.  You can sense how disappointed these patients may have felt!  The team at Smile Café felt like they have no choice but to help these individuals --They even agreed to perform charity work and charge little to none for the single mom, the student and the one who is getting married since otherwise they had to now pay for this treatment again!  Of course, these patients are so appreciative, they have become raving fans but nonetheless there are ton of sad stories like this out there and many have either given up on invisalign or have started braces after 2 years of failed invisalign treatment!  AGAIN there is absolutely, positively NO need for such disaster.   Smile Café does not have a massive budget to inform the entire country of possibilities mentioned here but if they can even help one to few patients at a time, the word will get out there and everyone will know and learn how much more can be achieved by invisalign treatment than is currently being offered. 


Please note, there are many great doctors out there all with wonderful intentions… You just have to do your homework very well and be aware of the following facts and ask the right questions in order to choose the right provider.  Dr. Daniel Noor will help any patient from any office even while under the care of another provider giving free help, advice and suggestions to both patients and doctors from other offices at NO cost because he has truly dedicated his life and his practice to ONLY treating invisalign orthodontic patients 99% of the time so that he can stay focus on achieving optimal results. The other 1%, he takes care of emergency needs when the team of specialists he works with may not be available at the time.


Link to RealSelf: Click here to see sample of some patients’ questions across the country, answered by Dr. Daniel Noor. 




Copyright© 2013

When choosing an invisalign provider anywhere in the country, consider the following and ask these questions:

(Remember Not all invisalign doctors are created equal and results vary greatly)


We will list 15 important questions you need to ask your invisalign provider and will then explain each one by one:


15 Secrets Revealed:

1-      What percentage of his/her time does the doctor dedicate to treatment of invisalign in their practice? Most doctors spend more time doing braces or cosmetic dentistry than performing invisalign!  If you have a moderate to difficult case, you want to insure your invisalign doctor spends at least 50% or more of his time treating invisalign cases. Many doctors are highly educated in cosmetic dentistry or orthodontic braces. Let’s face it, the idea of making teeth straight with modern wires and braces has been out there for about 300 years now. Braces is taught in all orthodontic schools across US but invisalign is only about 12 years old and has only recently been included in dental school education.  Naturally, your invisalign provider has either never learned this system in school or has just graduated with almost no experience!  Its human nature that many invisalign providers shy away from performing invisalign treatment when they may be so much more comfortable performing treatment with braces!  Braces is what they learned in school and there are about 300 years worth of books and studies on braces but very few books and studies on  invisalign and the experience is naturally lacking… Unless if someone has treated over 1000 invisalign cases and has had the passion, drive, innovative mind to be so involved with invisalign system, they are not going to feel comfortable or know what to do with more challenging cases… We can not blame anyone!  Of course many rules that apply to braces, also apply to invisalign but it’s also about how to manage the appliance itself which is the wires and brackets in braces versus computer modeling and aligners including auxiliaries used to perform invisalign treatment. 



2-      How many full invisalign cases has your invisalign provider treated successfully without taking the patient to braces or multiple refinements and mid-course corrections? Are they predicting and using many over-correction aligners to avoid the need for multiple refinements (new set of aligners which take time to create and redo)      Dr. Daniel Noor has treated over 1500 cases successfully with Zero to one refinement over the past 10 years! He is one of the very few providers who treatment plan and order additional over-correction aligners at no cost by carefully predicting tooth movement behavior based on various factors such as patient’s age, bone density, periodontal conditions, etc.



3-      Who creates Clincheck 3D Computer Modeling for each invisalign patient? How much time does your provider spend on this and do they treatment plan and modify it to perfection? Do they show you the computer results for your orthodontic treatment?  Each doctor is responsible to treatment plan and creates his or her own Clincheck.  Invisalign is a lab product made by Align Technology. Align Technology does not take any responsibility towards patients treatment plan and Clincheck modeling; nor do they take any responsibility for failed treatments.  Each doctor must carefully evaluate patient’s diagnostic information such as study models, cephalometric, panoramic x-rays, photos, etc to transform the patient’s treatment plan into Clincheck 3D modeling using the Clincheck Software.  For example 10 doctors will create 10 different types of Clincheck for the same patient with the same ideal end results in mind but the more experienced doctor comes up with most efficient, least invasive and safest way to get to the end and yet achieve the best long lasting results. It’s truly like a big jig-saw puzzle with million different shapes. The doctor has to fit bumps and valleys of nearly16 upper teeth perfectly onto bumps and valleys of 16 lower teeth while taking so many clinical factors in mind when it comes to jaw relationships, etc.  Your doctor also has to know how to apply the laws of physics to create proper anchorage, push or pull to insure intended movements occur.  Furthermore, he/she has to know how to deal with hundreds of problems which occur during treatment. It’s really not that easy and each case completely differs with another!  Each tooth responds differently to each aligner’s built in movement especially in adults so the doctor has to predict as much as he/she can up front since all aligners are created up front.  If your doctor does not spend at least 50% of his practice treating invisalign cases, he/she will not have the time to perform this important function as it is a time consuming task and requires extensive patience and experience.

Copyright© 2013



4-      Is your invisalign doctor able to hide buttons or attachments that are typically placed in front of the teeth? Buttons and attachments are part of invisalign treatment but most patients reject visible composite resin attachments because it defeats purpose of invisalign which is to be a discreet treatment!   Worse yet, these attachments easily discolor with food and drink you consume making them like yellow pieces of food stuck to your front teeth!~  Dr. Daniel Noor is currently the only invisalign provider who has completely eliminated the use of ugly visible resin buttons typically placed in the front surfaces of the front teeth. He has innovated a system to place them behind the teeth still making them work their magic by creating maximum anchorage for proper movement!  Please note these attachments/buttons are extremely important in creating proper anchorage to insure perfect teeth movements and they come in different sizes and shapes and positioned in different area of the tooth.  It’s critical your doctor understands the physics and science behind this and places proper attachments. The more attachments, the greater the anchorage which leads to better aligner tracking and less failures!  It’s a must as the key to successful orthodontic movement is anchorage and it has always been the case for the entire history of orthodontics.  Dr. Daniel Noor innovated lingual attachments 5 years ago and has treated over 500 cases of invisalign ONLY placing attachments behind the teeth and his goal is to do the same for more and more patients.



5-      Do they have experience using invisible elastics, buttons and innovative techniques to perform most difficult movements such as extrusions (elongating short teeth), intrusions (shortening long teeth) and rotations which helps insure ideal class I biting relationship? Dr. Daniel Noor has innovated some of his own systems and techniques creating far more favorable results while using different type of elastics to achieve better results yet he insures they are placed discreetly!  He has innovated techniques to use elastics from tooth to tooth and from tooth to aligner for different situations.

Copyright© 2013



6-      How often do you have to visit the doctor? Visits of every two weeks or once a month may result in patient’s wasted time and doctors’ increased overhead leading to higher patient cost. Unless there are major issues, there is no need for frequent visits.  Dr Daniel Noor believes in spending a lot of time treatment planning, working on computer modeling and lots of hidden attachments which lead to ideal treatment plan and more patient education.  All of these and his other innovations lead to more patient compliance, better aligner tracking and ease of switching from one aligner to next achieving perfect results each time so there is no need for you to come to the office often.  He typically sees patients every 8 weeks and even has patients from other states and countries who can only come in every 5 months or so and yet rarely had any issues due to solid planning customized for each patient’s needs.  Once your aligners are made, they are all given to you.  You switch on your own and come to the office for minor procedure every 8 weeks.  There have been cases where Dr. Daniel Noor has given specific set of instructions to help other offices see his out of state patients as well.



7-      Does your invisalign provider offer flexible no interest payment plans and are their fees similar to braces fees?  Smile Café believes treatment should be affordable for everyone. With range of various types of long term and no interest payment plans and financial aid for students and single moms, they have truly reached out to many patients in the area and beyond.



8-      Can your doctor use invisalign to treat open bites, overbites, crowding, spacing, narrow arches, class III (lower jaw appears to be more forward than upper) , class II (lower jaw appears to be deficient or  more backward than upper).  Can she/he treat major spacing to close extraction spaces with parallel movements rather than tilting of the teeth which results in less than ideal outcome? Can they expand arches as needed to avoid tooth extraction and excessive tooth reduction?  Can they create spaces for future implant by making sure root movements?   If a patient is the right candidate for braces, then they can be treated with invisalign!  Dr. Daniel Noor has treated many types of cases mentioned above. In some instances, he has treated patients with multiple combined issues mentioned above. For example he has treated a 29 year old male with severe open bite, very narrow arches, crowding and class II bite in about 21 months!  This patient was told he needs surgery by 5 other offices! Everyone is shocked to see his before and after. The patient is so thankful he is coming back to give his full permission to post his bite photos online to help others who may feel hopeless.   Have you been told you are not a candidate for invisalign? Regardless, you are very likely a perfect candidate for invisalign!



9-      Can your invisalign provider finish your treatment into an ideal class I position (perfect bite) to insure balanced bite and ideal final results leading to long term dental and TMJ health as well as neuromuscular health and comfort which can avoid grinding, head and neck pain TMJ disease, and believe it or not EVEN may avoid shoulder and back pain!


Copyright© 2013


10-     Does your invisalign provider understand the health benefits of invisalign and focus on avoiding and treating nearly 30+ dental and medical conditions including grinding, gum and bone recession, TMD, neuromuscular problems, headaches, sleep apnea, periodontal problems, etc.  Getting front teeth straight is easy but to insure functional results, lasting results and patient comfort, many things has to be considered and corrected.



11-     How does your invisalign doctor combine ortho-perio to treat those with periodontal conditions? (Periodontal disease refers to certain amount of bone loss around teeth) –  Dr. Daniel Noor works with team of in-house specialist such as periodontist and one of the top hygienists in the country who teaches Non-Surgical Periodotal Therapy across US.  Together as a team, they have saved many patients from losing their teeth due to gum and bone recession by using orthodontic and periodontal care to move teeth into most ideal more stable position to avoid further harm.



12-   How does your invisalign provider insure long lasting perfect results and do they follow up after treatment is done to avoid relapse? What types of retainers do they offer?  Its worth mentioning that many offices only straighten teeth in a short amount of time without paying attention to correcting bite and jaw relationship…. When the bite is not corrected, this leads to less than ideal results and teeth can easily relapse shifting back over the years to their original position.  This is why Dr. Daniel Noor believes it’s much better to do things the proper way and stay in treatment a bit longer to correct most biting conditions. In many cases, his office has helped many patients avoid jaw surgery and extractions because they believe in the most conservative treatment costing a lot less and no pain!



13-     Has your invisalign doctor treated similar cases as yours and do they have before and after photos to share with you.  Do they have written and video testimonials and do they have a patient who would be willing to speak to you in person?



14-     How is the overall patient compliance at your invisalign doctor’s office? Do they give you verbal and written training and do they answer emails when you have any questions but there is no need to waste time going to their office when you can simply email them?  Patients at Smile Café have an unbelievable 99% compliance and satisfaction.  This is the result of wonderful patient-doctor relationship who work together as a team to insure successful results.  Not having the embarrassing visible attachments has also increased patient compliance factor. You may email the office or Dr. Daniel Noor at anytime and expect a response to your email. This has put many patients at ease over the weekend when they came across any problems but the office may not have been open! Smile Cafe also answers their phone 24/7 by always having someone on call to insure the patients always have access to someone via phone, email, etc.



15-     Does your invisalign provider have a back-up plan in case the patient is not 100% compliant or the first round of treatment is not 100% successful? Are they using aligner adjusting tools to modify final shape of aligners to move teeth info ideal final position?   Aligner and orthodontic adjusting tools with various shapes are heated and used to modify shape of certain aligners to help stubborn teeth move into final position.

Getting married soon? You are playing a major role in an upcoming movie? Are you a super model needing a quick treatment?  The answer may be invisalign Express or perhaps Express Innovations designed by Dr. Daniel Noor to get you a dream smile in a shorter amount of time but with different set of rules! This is yet another secret but we are not allowed to mention it here for various reasons.


For more details about any of the above items or information about your specific case, please submit your question by using the form at the bottom of this page.  You may even email your photos to or request a complimentary Skype Consultation and Dr. Daniel Noor will try his best to accommodate you despite his busy schedule.


Thank you and remember you should not give up hope just because someone says your invisalign treatment or any treatment is impossible!  Nothing is impossible in life! You just have to stay focused and believe in the world of possibilities. This is why we call this “Invisalign Beyond Limits” – We wish you all the best in your journey to the most beautiful smile and remember Smile Café will be here for you and your doctor no matter where you are in the country. 

Copyright© 2013

*To see if a candidate qualifies for payment plan, please fill out your basic information below and we will contact you with more information. 

Daniel Noor

Dr. Daniel Noor is a pioneer in the field of invisalign orthodontics currently treating some of the most difficult cases without the need for braces!  He works alongside a team of very well known specialists...

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